Have your Easter Egg and eat it!

Don’t feel guilty about enjoying an Easter Egg or a Hot-Cross Bun this weekend, you can enjoy these treats without gaining weight!

To gain 1lb of fat you need to consume 3500 calories more than your daily calorie expenditure, with Easter eggs ranging from anywhere between 150 calories to 1800 you are not going to gain a 1lb fat over Easter simply by enjoying some tasty chocolate! If your scales tell you otherwise, it may well be just water, not fat, so just resume your usual healthy diet and your weight will soon settle again.

Managing your weight is not about denying yourself the occasional treat, it’s about long term changes that maintain healthy habits such as planning healthy meals, keeping well hydrated with plenty of water and keeping active. Find out more with our 5 lifestyle keys.

Relax and enjoy your long Easter weekend, then get back on the wagon with a class or two on AHS Wellbeing this week, we’d love to see you!

Happy Easter from the AHS Wellbeing Team!

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