Is your mindset holding you back?

According to Sal Jefferies, our mindset is the architecture of our thinking, largely made up of our beliefs and values.

If you find yourself always doing the same thing and having disappointing results every time, it could be that you have a fixed mindset.

In this short video, Sal explains how you can shift a fixed mindset to a growth mindset to help you deal with life’s set backs more effectively.

A growth mindset will help you learn, adapt and grow. So if you keep failing to get the results you want, learn how moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset can bring the changes you wish to see.

Want to know more?

Make sure you join our live virtual Mindset and De-Stress Clinics or Stress Management Workshops with Sal on AHS Wellbeing Online, sessions can be booked here.

About Sal Jefferies

Yoga Teacher, Courage Coach and Contemporary Psychotherapist PG Dip Sal Jefferies helps people who want to overcome challenges in their life and move forward. Main areas include anxiety/stress, low confidence, relationship changes and health issues.

He specialises in human behaviour, psychology, somatic (body language), self awareness and yoga. He uses an approach utilising all his specialisms to deal with personal development and change.

Sal’s pioneering approach to personal development combines Mindset (thinking/cognition), Mood (emotions) and Movement (body dynamics and body language). When these three levels are integrated they build mental fitness, emotional resilience and a courageous mindset where inspiration, purpose and confidence become natural. 

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