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Are you looking to support your team who maybe under pressure in the current climate?

Are you getting Zoom fatigue, feeling stressed and worried about the future?

Stress is surging in these difficult times, which makes the ability of employees to manage anxiety, pressure and build resilience more important than ever.

We offer a stress management course designed for home working teams and COVID impacted businesses, providing stress management techniques through these challenging times.

A 4 week online course, that can be tailored to suit the needs of your team, may be just what you are looking for.

Meet Sal Jefferies

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Benefits of the course

The course will specifically focus on helping each individual develop self-skills and team skills so that both wellbeing and productivity are positively affected.

Who it is for?

This is for organisations who have staff based at the office or home, who are using video based technology and reacting to the difficulties that COVID-19 is posing.

How does it Work?

The online course includes 4 x 1 hour sessions, over 4 weeks and a follow-up virtual session 1 month after the final session. The group-based sessions will incorporate a mix of training and exercises. Attendees will be asked to complete some homework following each session and will have the option to join a private Facebook group, providing the opportunity to share ideas and experiences from the course and beyond.

About Sal Jefferies

Sal Jefferies is a yoga teacher, contemporary psychotherapist (PG Dip) and leadership coach who has been working in mind-body wellbeing and performance for over 10 years. He has been synthesising psychology and movement practices to deliver innovative training programmes in the form of workshops, courses and online delivery. From group workshops for individuals to working with larger organisations such as Coast 2 Capital and Into Global, Sal has delivered training to increase wellbeing, reduce stress, improve performance and deal with the impact to business caused by Covid 19. 

Sal’s philosophy is to integrate mindset, mood and movement so you can be calm, confident and adaptable. His style of training aims to introduce you to psychological concepts and models that can be easily understood and integrated into your life and work. Using a vast knowledge of the body and how this affects mindset and behaviour, means you get a complete approach to learning. All of the training sessions include explanation, exercises and interaction to ensure you can absorb the training content at your own pace. The objective is to ensure that what you learn is practical, easy to use and highly functional. Sal’s engaging and motivating style of coaching will help you draw on your own intelligence and natural learning style in an upbeat and encouraging environment.

Here’s what customers have to say:

Having known Sal for several years as my Yoga teacher I had quite high expectations for the content of this course and was in no way disappointed. New topics were presented in a clear and concise manner with sufficient detail provided in order to gain the required understanding. The course was very enjoyable and thought-provoking. Paul Baker

Sal’s Mindset, breathwork and movement sessions are clear and greatly helpful. I felt very energised coming to the sessions and the information given was interesting. I enjoyed learning new and various techniques and the workings behind them. I feel encouraged having more tools to work with in challenging situations. Thank you for this program! Christa Galesloot

I really enjoyed this integrated approach to helping me with physical, mental and spiritual health. I felt challenged but always able to balance the sessions with my abilities and safety. As an older person, I was initially uncertain about coping but age really wasn’t an issue. Sal’s style is welcoming and sensitive as well as encouraging personal risk in a safe space. Bob Phipps

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