Information for Wellbalanced Participants

Our community based falls prevention programme Wellbalanced, is for older adults at risk of falling. It provides a ‘step down’ service for those exiting the NHS Falls Prevention Service, or a ‘step up’ for people unsteady on their feet wishing to prevent a fall.

The 24-week course of strength and balance classes are led by a qualified Postural Stability Instructor and a Support Instructor. Participants benefit from the programme in a number of ways including: an increase muscle strength, improving balance, reducing the risk of falling, an increase in flexibility, a boost to their mental wellbeing, and also an opportunity to socialise and make new friends.

If you have any questions about the programme please get in touch. Call 01444 657099 or email

Further healthy lifestyle support services can be found by contacting your local Wellbeing Team:

  • Mid Sussex Wellbeing on 01444 477191 or visit their website
  • Adur & Worthing Wellbeing on 01903 221450 or visit their website.
  • Chichester Wellbeing, visit their website
  • Horsham Wellbeing, visit their website

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do the classes take place?

The classes are held once per week and, once referred, you will be able to attend 1 class per week for 24-weeks.

Where and when do the classes take place?

We offer the following weekly classes:

Mid Sussex

Adur & Worthing



Plus: Included in the 24-week programme is access to our ‘live’ Online Classes that take place every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Do you provide transport?

If you cannot make your own way, we recommend using the Dial a Ride Service offered by the BlueBird Community Partnership in Mid Sussex . They can be contacted by Email: or by Telephone 01444 471919 or 01444 471177.

In other areas, there is a range of accessible community transport available, for details visit

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for exercising. If you use any mobility aids, e.g. a walking stick, please bring these with you. Please bring a bottle of water with you.

What should I expect on my first session?

In your first session we will complete an assessment to ensure the exercises are suitable for you and enable us to monitor your progress.  We will ask you to complete the assessment again in 12 weeks time to see how you are progressing and then again at 24 weeks. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

How much does each session cost?

Each session costs £1.50 in Mid Sussex and in all other areas £0.50p.  We would be grateful if you could please pay for 12 sessions at a time, in 2 instalments.  We can accept cash or card payments. This includes tea, coffee and biscuits at Haywards Heath & Burgess Hill, however this maybe suspended if Covid restrictions apply.

What happens at the end of the 24-week programme?

We encourage you to keep exercising, and have funding to provide you with a further 8 weeks at a cost of £10 on our Wellbalanced Plus programme. After this we have organised some follow on classes for you to attend.  We will provide you with further details of these.

Are there any exercises I can follow at home?

Yes, you will certainly feel the benefit of doing the exercises regularly. During the programme you will access to our on demand classes and useful documents. There are also some recommended exercises on the NHS Choices website as well as the video’s on our You Tube page.  You’ll also find some useful information on Falls Prevention here.

What happens if I am unable to attend a class?

If you are aware in advance that you will be unable to make a class, please inform your instructor as soon as possible.  If you have to cancel at short notice, please contact us on 01444 657099.

If you have yet to do so, please complete a referral form for yourself or a loved one today. We look forward to meeting you!