Loulabub Zoolabub

Loulabub Zoolabub

“I had recently self published my first ever children’s book, ‘Loulabub Zoolabub’ and was keen to promote it as much as possible.

I am fairly competent with social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube but I have had no experience with websites.

That’s when I came across Active House Solutions.

I met with their website development team who were extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and was able to pitch my ideas for what I wanted the website to be.

The designers took my ideas and produced a website that was exactly what I was looking for. Not only does my website look great, but it is also structured in a way that will help it reach as many people as possible, and climb Google rankings.

The aftercare that Active House Solutions provided me with was first class. I was given a tutorial by the lead designer so that I knew how to manage my new website, post news and photos, edit content and create links etc. This was backed up with a full instructions document being sent to me, and the promise of technical support whenever I needed it.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with the service and end product I received from Active House Solutions. I would recommend them to anyone.”