One to One Coaching

Alexander Techique for Wellbeing

1: 1 sessions with Korina Biggs. Individually tailored sessions using the principles of the Alexander Technique to improve balance, movement, posture and breathing.

Health & Wellbeing Consultations & Pilates one to one sessions with Katie Woodgate

Health & Wellbeing consultations & Pilates one to one session

Working with a Health & Nutrition coach can provide you with the support you need to make safe and sustainable changes to your lifestyle, helping you improve and protect your health, well-being and happiness levels, We will focus on a variety of areas including your eating patterns, food and drink choices, activity levels as well as reducing your stress levels and improving your sleep.

My work with you does not replace your GP or medical advice, instead I work alongside to support you to reduce your risk of developing diabetes type 2, heart disease, stroke, lifestyle cancers.  I work from a public health perspective and support the messages shared by the NHS, Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation. 

I am a presenter and freelance trainer and have worked on a variety of projects e.g. workplace health, family programmes, active schools, SENCO alive n’ kickin’, 12 week weight loss programmes and diabetes prevention workshops for Adur & Worthing, Mid-Sussex and East Sussex county councils.  

 Health & Wellbeing Consultations

Working on a one to one basis enables me to support you to reach your individual goals.

I can support you in many areas, to include:

  • Safe, effective and sustainable weight loss 
  • Reduce your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some lifestyle cancers
  • Making healthier food choices as well as understanding portion control
  • Simplifying your food shop by helping you understand ingredients and food labels
  • Helping you plan your activities for health and ways to find your motivation
  • Looking at the impact stress and poor sleep have on your health
  • Helping you put in place clear and measurable goals for health, wellbeing, & weight loss
  • Learn skills to maintain weight loss and celebrate successes.

Pilates Mat-based; Private one to one session

Session Overview:

A one-to-one Pilates session enables you to work with a tailored plan which supports you to improve your core strength, posture, balance and flexibility.  Perhaps you are recovering from an injury, have a health issue, or are looking to enhance your sports performance and would benefit from a more individualised plan.

I can work with you, plan and pace your sessions to ensure you achieve your agreed goals.  In addition to my Pilates qualification, I have undertaken additional training that enables me to work with specific orthopaedic rehabilitation conditions e.g. those rehabilitating from a hip or knee replacement, back pain, hyper-mobility, shoulder injuries and pelvic floor weakening.  Working closely with your rehabilitation notes from your health professional, I will support you to continue your rehabilitation.

Note: It is advised to book a six-week block to enable you to get the benefit of your Pilates sessions, however, you are welcome to book these as individual sessions as per the timetable.

Health Bones Pilates 1:1

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One to One Coaching

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