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Keep Active, Healthy and Strong from the comfort of your home! All our live Wellbeing classes, workshops and one to one sessions will keep you active at any stage of your lifetime!

Wellbalanced Class with Emma

Postural Stability Instructor, Emma Rollings, will take you through a Wellbalanced Class designed to help improve your strength, balance and endurance. Ideal if you feel a bit wobbly on your feet and have concerns about falling. This is a pre-recorded class. Sturdy chair needed.


Flow Yoga with Sal

This style of yoga practice is more flowing and dynamic where we combine movements with breathing control and the exercises can be adapted for different ability levels.  The main aim is to increase suppleness, strength and balance alongside bringing a sense of calm to the mind. Available on demand!

Pilates, Mixed Ability with Katie

Be Well. Improve your posture, balance, and wellbeing. Use Pilates moves to stabilise and strengthen your pelvic, core and abdominal muscles and increase posture, flexibility, and mobility, as well as build your muscular strength and maintain bone health.


Chair Based Pilates with Tina

A gentle Express Session of movements & stretches to help improve your posture, balance & wellbeing.  Using Pilates moves to stabilise & strengthen your pelvic, core and abdominal muscles and increase posture, flexibility and mobility, as well as build muscular strength & maintain bone health. 


Regain your Strength with Susie

Work on developing and building muscle, as well as improving posture and overall fitness levels. We will focus on the whole body each session and teach correct form and technique necessary to perform each exercise. Ideal for all abilities, modifications and adjustments will be provided for all exercises. You will need one set of Dumbells, KettleBell or Band.


Mindset & De-Stress Clinic with Sal

This clinic will consist of a short talk on the ‘topic of the week’ followed by an open session where you can raise your concerns either about the topic of the week or your own challenge. In a group setting, Sal will facilitate & work through the issue(s)


Low Impact for Weight Loss with Susie

This Express Session will focus on exercise to aid weight loss, this includes slow, controlled movement to create a high level of intensity without high impact. This class is for all abilities.

Perfect for those who want to avoid stress and pressure on joints.


Women Wellbeing with Susie

An Express Class using exercises to improve your core strength, pelvic floor, hip flexibility and alleviate general aches and pains. Great for women who have given birth or those struggling with pelvic floor, hip flexibility and core strength. No equipment needed, although a resistance band and yoga mat for comfort may be useful. 


Standing Pilates with Tina

Pilates with no mat work, great if you struggle getting up & down.

Basic Pilates exercises done in an upright position.

You may need a chair or wall to help balance, and ideally bare feet unless you need shoes for support.


Chair Barre with Louise

ChairBarre combines elements of Ballet, Pilates & Aerobics. It uses interval training with muscle shaping isometrics to safely reshape the body.

The results are sculpted arms, strong core, toned thighs. No dance experience needed, just a chair!


Yoga to release back tightness with Sal

 This 30 min flow practice is a whole body practice but with particular focus on releasing the back & shoulders and then some pretty good lower body stuff too so that all the ‘chains’ that cause grumpy backs should feel mighty afterwards! This is a pre-recorded class.


Yoga for confidence with Sal

A simple sequence using yoga to help get your body posture organised to enhance your confidence. Our body language plays a large part in how we feel and by working through some key steps, you will feel more confident. This is a pre-recorded class.


1:1 Coaching Support

Individual support for a Better You! Includes Better You Consultations, Wellbeing Coaching and lots more!



A range of workshops to help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your Wellbeing. More details coming soon!

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