Wellbeing Workshops

Mat Based Back Care Workshop

6 Week Small Group Course with Katie Woodgate

This class uses Pilates moves which are safe and can help prevent and decrease back pain; including lower back.  You will focus on your posture and alignment, perform moves to strengthen your core support muscles and stretch those tight back muscles.  You will begin to improve your flexibility, muscular strength and feel more in tune with your body.

This class is for anyone who suffers with nagging lower back pain, muscular pain between the shoulder blades or who worries that their job or hobbies are starting to affect their posture and back. 

If you have seen a GP or Physiotherapist in the past for general back pain and have been told to do a gentle Pilates class, then this is also for you.

No experience is necessary.  The ability to lie down on a mat is required.  If there are any concerns, please request a call from your Instructor before you start the course.

Lower Back Pain Workshop

A 5 week one to one course with Osteopath Adam Fiske.

A course run over 5 sessions offering a comprehensive look at how back pain affects you . Each session looks at a different aspect of back pain including your experience of it, how back pain affects your body and your daily life. It will give you specific tools to help you unwind these effects and take back control.

Introduction to natural ways to decrease and manage stress

A 1 hour workshop with Loren Leaver

Stress and anxiety are common place in this day and age and a lot of us will suffer from this on a regular basis. Having some natural ways to manage and control it, can enable us to deal with these times and get the balance back in our lives without the need for medical intervention. In this 1 hour session we will look at ways that have been proven to help decrease and limit stress and anxiety in life using natural and holistic methods which will also benefit other areas of your health and wellbeing. This session is aimed at all ages and genders.

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  • Healthy Habit Change
  • Body Language and Confidence
  • Self Conscious to Conscious self- overcome fear
  • Create Health Boundaries for a stress free life