AHS Wellbeing Online Coming Soon!

We have brought together our network of Fitness Professionals and Wellbeing Experts to offer a brand new online service that will launch in June 2020.

AHS Wellbeing Online will provide exciting new options to keep active, fit and well, both in the home during in the current COVID-19 crisis and in the community, once current restrictions allow.

Our service is specifically designed for:

  • Those new to exercise looking for a gentle way to start being more active
  • For people living with health conditions that can be managed with the right type of exercise
  • People who have been advised by a health professional to increase their activity
  • Older people wishing to keep fit and well
  • Anyone wishing to improve their general health, fitness and wellbeing in a supportive environment

We are looking for Health & Fitness Professionals who are passionate about improving the Health & Wellbeing of our customers. If that’s you, get in touch today to see how you can get involved.

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